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About EBF

Executive Business Finance Pty Ltd was established in 1989. This was a particularly difficult time in Australia's financial history with average interest rates of around 18% commonplace, sometimes higher.


Even during those unstable economic times, we succeeded in providing the best rates and best deals possible with an after sales service second to none. Many of our clients back then are still our clients today.         

Financing the future

The right financial products are key to future growth. A business needs to innovate and keep pace with current technology, government regulations and customer expectations to remain competitive. Purchasing of newer, more productive and efficient business equipment when and where needed is important if you're to keep moving forward. Financing keeps your working capital free and can be tax deductible.              

We can save you time

Time is money. It's an age old saying, and very true for anyone running their own business (we know - we run a business too!). There are online websites that allow you to apply for loans on a do-it-yourself basis. All of which sound great and are a useful tool for some, but to do it right and research your financial options takes time. If you're unfamiliar with chattel finance, it'll take a lot more time. You'll be up late and burning up the battery life of your tablet or smartphone. And when the deal is done, who will you call for assistance when you need it?        

As your broker, we have access to a wide selection of lenders.


We'll do all the hard work for you and take the time to fit your requirements to a suitable lender with the right product.


We'll be there to provide you ongoing service after the deal is done.      

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