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Chattel Mortgage
Is a mortgage over equipment. You own the equipment and the equipment is on your books. Interest & depreciation are tax deductible. GST on the equipment purchase price may be claimed back on your next BAS depending on your situation. 
Commercial Hire Purchase
You effectively hire the equipment from the finance company. The equipment is on your books and ownership passes to you at the end of the contract. Interest & depreciation are tax deductible.
The equipment is on the lender's books. You claim the monthly payment as a tax deduction. You own the equipment when the agreed residual value is paid.
Equipment is on the Lender's books.
You claim the monthly payment as a tax deduction. Rental is best for assets which depreciate rapidly.
Low doc loans
No financials required.

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EBF have specialised in equipment finance for over 25 years

For almost any business and industry


Agriculture & Energy

Earth moving

Plumbing & Electrical

Computer & Technology


Science & Medical


Logistics & Transport


Finance available for  

Cars & Trucks
Earthmoving Machines
Tractors & Forklifts
Workshop Equipment
Generators & Refrigerators
CNC Machinery
Computers & Software   ​
Coffee Machines                                
Phone Systems
All types of equipment considered

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